Dodged a Bullet

I am a rather frugal person who hates wasting even an extra penny. I look for ways to economize and avoid unnecessary expenditures—especially those that are practical and boring.  When an unforeseen hit to my budget arises, I can just see my pocketbook shrinking in my mind’s eye. Imagine my chagrin when I stopped getting hot water all of a sudden one morning during my routine shower. There is nothing worse than a burst of cold spray on a still sleepy body. Not being an expert on water heaters, I called a local plumber who promptly told me some bad news: I will have to replace the old one at considerable expense, he said. There goes my nest egg. I started it when I quit my full-time job to go freelance, and hadn’t planned on dipping in so soon. This makes me a bit nervous, if not panicky. Working for oneself does not have the security of a paycheck once a month. I knew there would be consequences, and they are here way too soon.

I called another plumber for a second opinion and lower bid and was surprised to the max to discover that the old unit still had some life left in it. This was, indeed, good news. He said that he could repair it for much less and make it last five more years at least. Then I could tackle the issue of a new, perhaps tankless heater like these ones: This is what everyone is doing now—a very welcome fad. Wow! I sure dodged a bullet this time. I can relax and move forward with most of my savings intact.

Savings are for such contingencies after all, but now I can keep them aside for something more important—like a new car or nice weekend vacation when I need a respite from my writing. Water heaters aren’t in my book of things I want to invest in right now. Most good ones are built to last and I am lucky that mine falls into this category. I am so happy that I want to crow about it in this blog. Who else to share it with than a faceless reader! Most of you are homeowners who can relate. I am sure you are facing some critical issues like a new stove, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, or pool system. When you own a property, all kinds of expenses come with it—year after year.

Let’s hope the water heater crisis is the last one right now so I can concentrate on better tasks at hand. I write for a living and need to keep my head in the game, without distractions. No one in the middle of a creative moment wants to be interrupted by a broken water line or faulty electrical connection. The mundane stuff of life is the sure road to writer’s block! If you are a composer, painter, poet, sculptor, or woodworker, you know what I mean.