Progress with Poetry

I think of all the styles and formats that I write in, I like poetry the best. Unfortunately, it’s also the thing that so far has been the hardest to make money from. I have been freelancing for about a year and a half, and doing it full-time for about 4 months. So far I haven’t been able to sell a single poem, which means poetry remains something that I do in my spare time.

In good news, however, I am happy to announce that I have two poems awaiting publication! I am very excited about them. I don’t get paid for either, unfortunately, but I am hopeful that the visibility and exposure I get from these two poems will lead to something (that pays) in the (near) future.

Anyway, for one I entered a contest. They gave a topic, and you had the ability to write in any format you wanted as long as it kept to the topic. I decided to use poetry as my format. They liked it and now it’s going to go up on their website, which is really cool because it’s not something that I wrote and published here, so at least I’ve got another site that I can point prospective clients to. In other words, another link for the portfolio! Maybe when I have the full information on the link I will place it here so that you guys can go and check it out if you like.

The other poem was for an anthology, something about “Poetry of the Modern Era.” I found it on a website when I was searching for paying gigs for writers. This company had a couple of different things they were looking for, the poetry collection included. I went through all of my old work to find something that might be suitable. I found one piece that had some promise. I reread through it with a very critical eye, and was able to polish it up to a very nice shine. I sent it off and figured that would be the end of it. Instead, they seemed very impressed. It is going to be in a hardcover book! It will potentially be in bookstores and libraries around the country, so that’s pretty exciting. Hopefully I will get my own copy – is that still a thing, writers getting a gratis copy? Either way, I know my mom’s also going to be interested in buying one. I bet she’s clearing a space on her book case as she reads this post (Hi Mom!).

I am excited to add these two pieces to my portfolio and my resume. Speaking of my resume, it is getting longer and more impressive as time goes on. I’m going to keep writing and keep looking for places that will pay me to write for them. Wish me luck!