Trying to be Thrifty

Given my change in status, it is time to become thrifty and use every economy trick in the book. These days it is all about saving time and money. Forget ordering all kinds of unnecessary items online. You get hooked. Without the obligation of a full day at work, I can do things on my own to stay on an even keel. Let me open my blog adventure with my latest DIY project: building a bookcase. Okay, I know; why not go to Home Depot or Lowe’s. Remember what I said about saving money? With a few pieces of scrap wood cast off at the lumber yard, I had the materials for a very nice shelf unit. Now, I had to learn the ropes of basic woodworking as I have no experience in this realm. As most people do, I took a look at what’s available on the web at sites like and YouTube. I found over one hundred. Not wanting to look at them all, I chose ten.

I found out the tools I needed to borrow, and the odds and ends I needed to finish the job like nails, wood stain, and varnish spray. I opted for a very simple type of construction entailing a bit of sawing and sanding at best. Once I had measured the scraps and trimmed them, I was ready to go. I only took a few hours. As long as you stick with open shelves, and forget any glass front, you are on the road to success. I got fancy and added a backing for the bookcase so it would be extra sturdy and hold dozens of my favorites.

In conclusion, I have to admit that the project turned out quite well and it is a nice enhancement to my home office. It is more than practical—a real piece of wood décor. I can see that woodworking can become a terrific hobby and there are so many fun things to make. Plus, you get adept at repairs. As a would-be handyman and amateur woodworker, I have a lot in front of me to keep me occupied when I am not writing. It is a great form of therapy like music or a session at the gym. If you want a well-rounded and balanced life, give cabinetry a try.