Why I Don’t Own a Pet

I am not a complainer as a rule. No one characterizes me this way. There are people however,  who bitch, bitch, bitch; but I don’t like to categorize myself as one of them. However…there is a time when you have to vent or go mad keeping it to yourself. There is no talking to the walls in my house. Instead, I open my pet peeves for all the world to see—or at least my blog readers.

What is it today? It is not my boss’s whims since I quit my job a while back to do freelance writing. It is not my brother’s demands for loans, as I am happy to help him out—up to a point. It is not my broken water heater because I got it fixed fast by a clever plumber. It has to do with a dog. Not mine, but that of a friend who asked me to sit for his beloved pet when h went on a short vacation. Who doesn’t need extra cash, so I said yes. How tough could it be? Being self-employed, I had the time. I figured I could either bring the dog to my place or stay with him in his comfortable surroundings. I could tote the computer along with ease.

It worked out pretty well at first. The dog was friendly and sweet and loved to sit beside me on the couch to get petted. We watched TV together and enjoyed our respective snacks. Only after a few days as the time drew near for my friend’s return did I notice dog hair everywhere. Yikes! It stuck to the sofa fabric like it was glued on. I searched for a vacuum cleaner and there was none in sight. Not in the closets, under the bed, the basement or garage. I tried a pet roller (a wand with a band of sticky tape wrapped around it), but it took three to relieve the couch from its new blanket of fur. It was going to eat up my earnings for this sitting job. Plus, I wasn’t getting my work done.

By chance I found a small portable hand vacuum in the kitchen and quickly attempted to scoop up the remaining hairs. My luck was running out since I clogged the small bag inside the appliance in no time at all. It took an hour to fix it. This dog job was becoming a fiasco. While I love the animal, I wasted considerable time and money to please my friend. I didn’t want him to come home to a big vacuum cleaning chore worthy a feature on https://www.thevacuumchallenge.com. I debated whether to tell him. Surely he knows about the shedding, but oddly enough, he didn’t mention it. I would have brought my own heavy-duty canister vacuum along with me for a faster and more effective cleanup. I felt like taking before and after photos!